Einde Voorstelling

Alarm symphony — 2011

Einde Voostelling — The Hague

Einde Voorstelling (End of Play) is a protest symphony based on the Dutch air raid alarm. The symphony was created in the summer of 2011 as a response to the disproportionate cuts on arts and culture by the Rutte I administration. The symphony can be performed by bigger or smaller orchestras, amateur or professional. The video shows a performance of the Alarm Symphony right in front of the parliament building in The Hague. 

The original air raid alarm

Silk screen printed folder for End of Play - Alarm Symphony

Einde Voorstelling
by Yuri Veerman & Wilbert Bulsink
The Netherlands, 2011

— Symphony
Concept: Yuri Veerman
Composition: Wilbert Bulsink

— Performance at the Hofvijver
Original concept: Yuri Veerman
Composition: Wilbert Bulsink
Orchestra: Rotterdam Philharmonisch & Holland Symfonia
Conductor: Lawrence Renes
Production: Wilmar de Visser
Camera: Tijmen Hauer

— Folder
Graphic design: Brigiet van den Berg
Press: Joos Mooi at Gerrit Rietveld Academy 
End of Play - Alarmsymphony can be played as a form of protest by big and small orchestras. You are free to use and interpret the symphony in any way you like.

You can download the scores here:
Alarmsymphony beginners - all instruments
Alarmsymphony beginners - score
Alarmsymphony advanced - all instruments
Alarmsymphony advanced - score

If you have performed the Alarmsymphony and have a videorecording of it. Do not hesitate to share it with me. Thank you!

If you would like to receive the symphony in a special silk screened folder you can order one for 9,95 euros ex shipping. Please contact me through email and mention if you want the beginners or advanced version.