I've always been fascinated by the function of symbols in keeping together nations and peoples. When I came across a document of the Dutch Norm Institute (Nederlandse Normalisatie Instituut) describing in full detail the exact colours of the Dutch flag, I ordered a batch on Marktplaats to take a look at the actual colours of an average Dutch flag. By rearranging the colours, these new flags show all the different nuances in size, material and colour. The result are post-nationalistic flags that show colour as colour, no longer supporting the idea of a nation, open to interpretation.

The Apple Arts Centre bought three flags that are now the only piece in their 'collection'. The flags were exhibited during Stem Terug (Vote Back), a festival about art and politics.

The VPRO interviewed me at the Dutch Design Week where I exhibited Rood Wit Blauw along with four other works that all revolved around the use and meaning of political symbols.

VPRO's De Avonden interviewed me during Vote Back in De Appel and asked me why I decided to remix the Dutch flag. Click on the speaker symbol to start the audio fragment, the interview starts at 3:50.

Rood, Wit, Blauw
2012, Amsterdam (NL)
Part of graduation project –Land, MDes, Sandberg Institute
Medium: Flags made from Dutch flags
Collection: Apple Arts Centre
Thanks: Kathy van Slogteren