Black Square

Ready made — 2011

Islamic headscarf

The Islamic headscarf is the most controversial and most discussed piece of fabric of our time. Depending on who you ask, the headscarf is a symbol of oppression, purity, patriarchy, protest, or self expression. Depending on where you are, women are either free, forced or forbidden to wear one. The headscarf shows us, in all its simplicity, the complexity of symbols. Pinned to the wall, this complex and ambiguous symbol turns into a neutral and colourless two dimensional piece of fabric: a black square.

Black Square at Thing NoThing — Van Abbemuseum

Making art

Black Square
by Yuri Veerman

Satin Islamic headscarf
100 x 100 cm

Top: Sjoerd Knibbeler
Middle and bottom: Yuri Veerman

Van Abbe Museum, Thing NoThing
Design Miami/Basel
Sandberg Institute