The modern Olympics is far more than just a sport event. The athlete you see is not just a sprinter; he or she is also an image, a symbol representing a country, a people or even a corporation. With a worldwide audience and mass-media coverage, the Olympics has become a global spectacle, with the power to shape the image of humankind.

The first female sprinters challenged the idea that women were only fit to be mothers and housewives. The first black athletes ran against the dominant standard of a white human being. Paralympic athletes challenged our idea of what a human body should look like.

51 Sprints - The Human Race is an interactive documentary that recounts the history of one of the great events of the mod­ern Olympic Games: the 100-metre sprint. The video documentary explores the athlete as a symbolic fig­ure through five chapters: race, nation, class, sex and body. A specially developed Equalizer allows you to influence or create your own 100-metre sprint, by changing the conditions affecting each sprinter.

What might be the difference between Usain Bolt from Jamaica, and a Usain Bolt from Russia or Canada? How does Nazi doping differ from Soviet doping? How much does a sponsorship deal add to the speed of the average runner?

51 Sprints shows that the Olympic Games are not only a contest for gold, silver or bronze. They are also a battle for equal opportunities, for equal representation, for being recognised, as part of the human race.

51 Sprints - The Human Race
Amsterdam 2016 (NL)
Interactive documentary

An idea of Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Het Nieuwe Instituut
Concept developer: Yuri Veerman
Design: Random Studio & Yuri Veerman

Concept: Random Studio
(developed in collaboration with Yuri Veerman)
Technical realisation: Random Studio
Data analysis: Mikhail S. Spektor & Dr. Gilles Dutilh (University of Basel)
Research assistant: Marc van der Valk

Concept: Yuri Veerman
Art Direction, edit and production: Random Studio
Script: Yuri Veerman
Proofread and script edit: Jane Szita
Voiceover: In-Casting

International Paralympic Committee (IPC)
Olympic Television Archive Bureau (OTAB)
UCLA Film & Television Archive

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